2023-07-12 — updated 2024-01-31

The Motorola 68k processor line was used for Macintosh from the first 128k in 1984 to the last Quadra, Performa, and LC models were discontinued in 1996. There’s a ton of information on the web about 68k processors, but it is ubiquitously unsourced and often inaccurate.

Below is a chart of common processors with a focus on those used in Macs, using only what I could source from the original suppliers: Motorola, Freescale, NXP, Rochester Electronics, Thomson, and Atmel, excepting the product names which are approximated from believable product images.

Currently, this page focuses on 68030 and 68040 processors.

This is a best effort, cross-referencing multiple fragmented sources to provide as complete a picture as possible. More exact (but unsourced) information exists in some cases, which may be useful to provide additional data. I have refrained from using those sources here in order to provide only provably accurate information.

Notes and Processor List


Until 2004-03-22, primary source processors were printed with the Motorola logo. After this time Freescale was spun off from Motorola and started the process of transitioning branding. This transition was unbounded, so it is expected to see newer processors with Motorola branding.

There was no known transition to NXP or Rochester Electronics branding.


Reading Chip Markings

Motorola chips generally contain 6-7 markings:

  1. Logo
  2. Product name and revision
  3. Mask identifier
  4. Serial number including manufacture date
  5. Final assembly location
  6. An unknown identifier which often corresponds to mask (package identifier or serial?)
  7. An unknown identifier

For example, a 68040 has the first 6, and might look like:

M⃝ (logo)

XC68040RC25M (product name)

02E31F (mask)

QEKC9328B (serial)

MALAYSIA (location)

523159-001 (unknown mask-related identifier)


68030RC was the PGA “full” version with MMU, a co-processor was required for FPU. Used in a very wide variety of Macs from 1988 to 1995.

Sorted by approximate introduction, where not known, by mask.

XC68030RCxx*B47B0APRDL - Austin, TX1.35µm?< 1995
XC68030RCxx*3B47BCAPRDL - Austin, TX1.35µm?< 1995
XC68030RCxxA*1B56PDAPRDL - Austin, TX1.35µm?< 1995
XC68030RCxxB*B67RIMOS8 - Austin, TX1.2µm?< 1995
MC68030RCxxBC43CBMOS8 - Austin, TX1.2µm< 1993< 1995
??68030RCxx?C48AGAPRDL - Austin, TX1.2µm?< 1995
MC68030RCxxBC74NBMOS8 - Austin, TX1.0µm?< 2012
??68030RCxxBD62CBTohoku - Sendai, Japan1.2µm?< 1995
MC68030RCxxBD66CBTohoku - Sendai, Japan1.0µm?< 2002
MC68030RCxxCF91CCTohoku - Sendai, Japan0.8µm1995-05-24< 2002
MC68030RCxxCG40WCMOS8 - Austin, TX0.8µm1996-11-132012-05-31



On approximately 2000-08-13, 68030RC markings were changed from ink to laser printing.



68040RC was the PGA “full” version with MMU and FPU. Used in a wide variety of Macs from 1991 to 1996.

Sorted by approximate introduction, where not known, by mask.

XC68040RCxxD43BBMOS8 - Austin, TX0.8µm?< 1995
XC68040RCxx4D50DAMOS8 - Austin, TX0.8µm?< 1995
XC68040RCxxB*9D50DBMOS8 - Austin, TX0.8µm?< 1995
XC68040RCxxE*5D98DEMOS8 - Austin, TX0.8µm?< 1995
XC68040RCxxE*7D98DEMOS8 - Austin, TX0.8µm?< 1995
XC68040RCxxE26A???H2 1992?
XC68040RCxxMOE31FMMOS11 - Oak Hill, TX0.65µm?Q3 1995
XC68040RCxxM2E31FMMOS11 - Oak Hill, TX0.65µm?Q3 1995
MC68040RCxx2E42KMOS11 - Oak Hill, TX0.65µmQ3 19952000
MC68040RCxxAK63HATohoku - Sendai, Japan0.57µm20002002-11
MC68040RCxxAL88MAMOS11 - Oak Hill, TX0.57µm2002-112015-11-21


Additionally, these sources/clones were produced:

They are not covered further in this document as information is significantly more sparse.