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I own a nice stack of AIWA’s Series 50 mini component equipment, originally released between 1979 and 1981. Long before AIWA’s sad decline, these served as a follow-up to their phenominal Series 22.


Improving on the Series 22’s one-size-fits-all approach, AIWA released a set of follow-up Series to match different market segments:

These were followed by another round of updates a year later:

AIWA continued to produce many mini systems throughout the 80s, but focus quickly moved from audio quality to low cost, leading to their decline for HiFi customers.

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East and West

While branded the Mini Component Series 50 in the west, in Japanese markets these were known as the my Pace7. As a result, model numbers differ.

Western models were released in 110v units (U), 240v units (K) and universal 120v/220/240v (H) units. Model numbers are postfixed with these letters to indicate which voltage capabilities they have. Some units are auto-switching while others require manual selection on the back of the unit.

Most units were made in Japan, but some UK market units are marked “Made in UK”.

In the West these were also released under the WEGA brand as the “Serie 400” or “Mini Modul 400”.


AIWA’s Series 50 had an extensive lineup of equipment, featuring 12 distinctive components, 4 different speakers, and 13 different storage solutions. You can explore the full lineup below:





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